Love is Letting Go of Fear: Dealing With Heartbreak

    Have you every loved someone so much that when the relationship ends it feels as if you can’t breathe?   Have you ever missed someone so much that you would do anything in the world to just have 10 more seconds with them?   Have you ever had so much regret over a failed relationship that your mind plays 100 scenarios in your head, over and over again?   love 1 . an intense[…]

Katie Wells: Killing Spikes on the Court and in the Game of Life

    When you meet someone that has a special energy you can sense it in your soul right away.  You usually are not sure what or why, but if you are open enough to find out the reason, it can be life changing.  When I first met Katie Wells I was in Austin, Tx.  I was enjoying the amazing nightlife in Austin with my buddy Shane (I spoke about Shane in my earlier blog[…]

Scoring goals around the world: Gary Smith’s journey via his passion of soccer

There are a lot of us in the world that have passions.  Some of us chase them down and try to do them for a living, some of us do them as hobbies, some of us never realize what that passion is, and then others know what they want, but never decide to pursue it.   Then………..there are people like Gary Smith, who was born to do one thing; play fotball (futbal, futboll, futbola, and[…]

Turning a dead battery into positive energy

  I walk up to my car, parked on 25th street between 2nd avenue/3rd avenue in Manhattan on Wednesday, ready to take the drive from NYC to Boston.   I hit my unlock button and nothing happens.   “Hmm,” I think to my self.  “I wonder if the battery in my key fob is dead.”   I pull out the metal key from the fob and open the car door.  I haven’t had to manually[…]

Living With Love Instead Of Fear – Emotions Sparked From My Tour Of The Holocaust Museum

  I can’t even explain the rush of emotions that run through your mind, your heart, and your soul when you visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.  Being an emotional spirit, I knew I was going to have to prepare myself for the experience I was about to endure, but there isn’t anything you can do to prepare yourself for what you are about to hear, see, and feel.  It is a transcending experience[…]

Betting on yourself – Awvee Storey’s Road to the NBA

Dunk Rebound Another Dunk Another a flying Elbow to the face a few more Dunks several shoves in the back while trying to get a Rebound and about 100 more Rebounds!   The above is my memory of mine when I think back to my attempt at guarding Awvee Storey in practice as a freshman while playing for Arizona State University.  Upon signing my letter of intent to play basketball at ASU, I was excited[…]

Divine Appointment – How God placed a hitchhiker in my path

DIVINE APPOINTMENT: A divine appointment is a meeting with another person that has been specifically and unmistakably ordered by God.   Divine appointments are the Universes’ way (Gods) of steering us into a specific encounter or experience so that we can serve a greater good, play a part in the lives of someone else, or continue our growth/transformation to learn from others.  I had such a Divine Appointment on my way from Asheville, NC to[…]

The Spiritual Surfer of Myrtle Beach

  “I, the surfer, am—myself. The body with which I surf in the sea symbolizes the soul, with which I “surf” in God. The sea is God. The beach is the approach to God. Surfing is the experience of God, or the spiritual life.” From Peter Kreeft: When my journey started out it was a pursuit of passion, and it still is to an extent, but the purpose of my trip has transformed into a[…]

Building a Dream Book to turn dreams into reality

One of my goals along this journey is to read more books and when I say I want to read more books, I actually mean I want to listen to more audio books on Audible.  OH HOW I LOVE YOU AUDIBLE!  I started off my journey cruising from city to city bumping my favorite music ranging from Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Led Zeppelin, Tommy Petty, Oits Redding, R-Kelly (I know, I know), The Weeknd, Twista,[…]

A Beautiful Voice and a Beautiful Soul: Kelleigh Bannen

(picture from our visit)   I was lucky enough in college to be roommates with one of the greatest  teammates and the best people you could possibly ever meet, Shawn Redhage.  While Shawn has been in Australia tearing up the Australian basketball league with MVP’s, championships, and even Olympic appearances; his brother Chris has been living in Nashville making a name for himself.  Similar to Shawn, but with a soccer ball, Chris was a stud[…]

Small & Packed with a massive heart

As I was pulling into Nashville, TN I knew that one of the most special ladies I have ever met had some roots in the Music City.  I decided that I was going to shoot a message to Coach Dar, Darleen Santore, and ask her for some recommendations on some potential passionate/amazing people to meet while I was in town.  About as soon as I sent the text, Coach Dar had sent out a text[…]

Born to Ride: Sage Kimzey

Some people search their entire life to find that thing they love.  To find that passion that fills their heart and feeds their soul.  Then there are people like Sage Kimzey, who was born into the Cowboy life and has cherished every minute of it.  I find it fascinating to hear stories of how people discover the one thing they are meant to do in this world.  While I was driving through Houston, TX a[…]

Project 615: Spreading Love in Nashville

As I am rolling into different cities I am spending some time on Social media in search of places to visit and passionate people to hopefully meet up with.  So here I am sitting in a Hampton Inn Parking Lot, ready to black out my windows and fall asleep. Before I fall comfortably asleep in the front seat of my car, I open up my Instagram account and type in Nashville into the search box[…]

How to help your loved ones when you are fighting depression/anxiety

I hope that anyone who reads this & is currently battling depression &/or anxiety, will not only share this with a loved one, but have an open and real conversation about how it is impacting there relationship and make any changes before it is to late.  Disclaimer: Before I go any further, I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or counselor and I am not educated or trained in helping people deal with depression and anxiety.[…]

From running on the soccer field to running for a better life

“Hey, are you taller than Phil Jackson?” Well, that is an odd question when you are purchasing some chocolate milk at a gas station market. “I believe we are the same size, but I am way better looking,” I answered with a joking grin. The man standing behind the counter taking my money and processing my purchase then went on to say that he lived in LA for a while and walked past Phil Jackson,[…]

When you give $20 dollars and in return you have a 20 minute conversation that impacts your entire journey

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward,” Martin Luther King Jr. I walk down Beale Street in Memphis, TN with sounds of music ringing in my ears.  You can hear the blues band echoing from BB Kings Blues Club and as you take less than 10 steps you will hear a saxophone pouring out[…]

What Obstacles??? I just see it as an opportunity!

Along my Journey I have been trying to work on quieting my mind and finding some peace, as often my thoughts run wild and continue in a loop.  Over and over again I replay decisions I have made, opportunities I have not taken, love that has been lost, failures, family, and on and on and on.  Nothing seems to shut these down, but instead it feels like Usain Bolt has a hold of the thoughts[…]

Get up, Get up, Get up, Keep going

This one will be short and sweet! Yes, I will throw in a Walter Payton reference any chance I can get! So one of the reasons for writing this blog is to provide myself an outlet to release feelings and emotions that in the past I have hidden in an attempt to showcase this persona of being tough and courages.  What I am learning is that sharing all of these feelings and emotions is scary[…]

Houston or Bust…..Bust….or was it?

So I rolled into Houston, TX, home of James Harden (Go Sun Devils), with high hopes.  This was going to be my last leg in Texas and I was hoping to leave the Lone Star State with a bang. On my first day I walk into an LA fitness and decide to get a workout in.  After I finish benching like a million pounds, squatting an elephant, and cycling on a stationary bike like I[…]

Austin: Live Music Capital of the World and a Place of Inspiration

                    Austin is a city that I have always wanted to visit.  I would often say “If it is good enough for Lance Armstrong, it is good enough for me.”  Well, I said that years ago, so we will throw that comment out the window for now.  For years I have wanted to take a trip to the “Live Music Capital of the World,” and when my[…]

Do you know what the words “Hey Man – Whats up,” Can do for someone?

So I find myself parked outside a CVS in Austin, TX at 11:45pm crying in my car.  Negative and some dark thoughts were racing through my head. Can I keep doing this trip? Why am I not good enough? How can I move forward when I feel so hopeless? I had just gotten off the phone with the one women that I love, but recently lost due to my actions created from my depression and[…]

What we learn from people we used to teach?

I headed into San Antonio for a special occasion. I was headed into town to surprise two of my former players, Nick Allen and Lucas O’Brien both members of the University of Texas San Antonio basketball team.  Both of these guys played for me and hold a special place in my heart for several different reasons.  What was even more unique about this situation is that neither player knew I was coming and I had[…]

What do I lose/gain by committing and following through? An amazing conversation with Kaylan Marie

During my Pursuit of Passion, my plan was to focus my energy on trying to find passionate people, interview them, and then do their passion to document the experience.  A familiar phrase started ringing in my ear “everyone has a story.”  This exact saying has held true as some of the most profound comments and conversations on my journey so far have come from sparking conversations with pretty much anyone I can talk with. So[…]

Kim Reeder: Using her passion of softball to pursue a bigger purpose

During my Pursuit of Passion I am hoping to meet some passionate people, interview them, and then take part in whatever it is that they love so much.  In my plan I am hoping to learn and grow from other people and then share it with the world, but after meeting my first passionate individual it has become even more clear how powerful this experience is going to be.   On 2/28 I had the[…]

Lady Lotus Reiki & Energy Healing 2/27 in Albuquerque, NM

Today I had an amazing experience with a very passionate and spiritual healer in the amazing healing state of New Mexico.  Yesterday I was talking with a friend in Arizona, who is originally from New Mexico, and I was telling him about how I was looking for a healer and my goal in New Mexico was to suck up its healing nature.  Within the next 20 minutes he sends me a link for Lady Lotus[…]

Meditation Day 1: Thoughts of Fear of Failure

med·i·ta·tion ˌmedəˈtāSH(ə)n/ the action or practice of meditating. “a life of meditation” a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject. plural noun: meditations “his later letters are intense meditations on man’s exploitation of his fellows” Day 1 of meditation, a success.  Well I wasn’t actually sure on what I was doing, but the environment, the wind, the sand, and the peacefulness made for an amazing experience.  If you are ever in New[…]

What is My Pursuit of Passion?

What makes someone passionate?  Why are some people passionate about something and others have no interest?  I have always wanted to take a trip around the United States and find people that are passionate about something and ask them a simple, yet complex question. Why? Why are you passionate about Skydiving?  (insert the passion here). Well, I am finally about to take that journey.  On 2/25/2017 I am jumping in my car and hitting the[…]

Are you doing what you are passionate about?

As I often do, I was searching through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google looking for inspiration.  Something that was going to speak to me and something that I could relate to my life.  While I was searching, I went to a crutch that I often look to when I am looking for someone to share wisdom, motivate, and not bullshit:  Gary Vaynerchuk.  Gary V shared a story about how the 1% of his unhappiness drove[…]

Prime Your Day with Powerful Meditation

The Journey to Chase down your passion can be a tiring, frustrating, and stressful journey.  No matter how passionate we are about something, the journey is filled with excitement and adversity.  These ups and downs often are valuable experiences that teach us some of life’s most valuable lessons, but they still suck at the time! I have been doing a lot of reading, watching, and listening to successful people lately, trying to learn about what[…]

Build Your Impossible List Today!

As I often do, I was searching on Google for inspiring stories of others who have chased down their passion in life and those who are currently on their journey of pursuing what they love most.  While I was researching, I came across the title for an article written in 2010 by Joel Runyon, called  “My Impossible List.”  Out of curiosity I had to click on the article, and man I was happy that I[…]