Prime Your Day with Powerful Meditation

Prime Your Day with Powerful Meditation

The Journey to Chase down your passion can be a tiring, frustrating, and stressful journey.  No matter how passionate we are about something, the journey is filled with excitement and adversity.  These ups and downs often are valuable experiences that teach us some of life’s most valuable lessons, but they still suck at the time!

I have been doing a lot of reading, watching, and listening to successful people lately, trying to learn about what they do in their own lives to be successful.    Often times you will hear speakers talking to an audience, podcast, or presentation and you wonder:

“How the hell are they so upbeat and positive.” 

You then start to question how real they are and if their persona is an act.  When you start to think that this person is an act, then it is easy to lose the value of the message being shared.  It really becomes unbelievable, because if the person is acting, how real are the words.

One of my favorite speakers is Tony Robbins.  Tony has had his share of ups and downs and challenges throughout his journey, yet he always seems to be on point.  He is always energized and passionate and quick witted. I needed to know how this was possible!!!

I started listening to everything I could get my hands on (ears on) to understand what he does to keep so motivated and passionate during his Chase.   I loved his messages of hope, determination, and passion, but I needed to understand what he personally does to get up and go every morning in this unwavering determined mindset he has.  I found a recording of his 10-20 minutes routine that he does every morning to “Prime” himself and prepare for the day ahead.

I felt that I had to share this with others, who are looking to get out of that funk and gain that mindset to “Chase Your Passion.”





Prime your Day = Personal Meditation

Life is a full of constant growth and it is important to not only train our bodies to be healthy, but we must also train our minds.   This shift to training our bodies and our minds can have a substantial impact on our experiences and how we Chase our passions.


1st- Take 10 Minutes for yourself:

We all have 10 minutes in a day to take for ourself.  I have been one to say, I am so busy I just don’t have time.  When I look back on the day, I can easily find 10, 20, 30 minutes and sometimes even an hour where I could have been more productive and gained time to do what is needed.  The ” I don’t have time” is just an excuse.  Make time for yourself and it will pay off in your acceleration towards your passion.

2nd – Sound:

I like to put on some type of music.  There are a ton of these meditation apps on the market and while I have found some of these to apps to be very cool and unique, they have not really added any benefits in my own pursuit of meditating (Priming my day).  I believe that Meditation is a very personal experience that needs to be your own words in your head and done your own unique way.  We are all different, so why would a one sized fits all or a category list of mediation templates fill our needs.   Maybe you like hip hop music, relaxation music, Jazz, sounds of nature, or you just like the peace and quiet, find whatever background allows you to find your inner peace and really focus on feeling the thoughts you are manifesting.

3rd – Breathing: 

Make sure you are focusing on your breathing.  Tony Robbins states that he does a radical shift in breathing and many of the mediation gurus believe that you must focus and slow down your breathing.  I believe, again, that this is not a one sized fits all process. Take the first couple minutes to really focus on your breathing to find a sense of peace and a breathing structure that works for you.

4th – 3-5 minutes: 

Focus the first 3 minutes on Gratitude.   What are you truly grateful for?  Tony explains that when you are grateful you can’t be worried, fearful, or angry.  These two thought processes don’t mix and it is anger and fear that messes most people up.   Think about the things you are truly grateful for.  If you don’t think you can find anything, really think hard about your life and what you have.   We often have way more than we believe we have and our level of what we are grateful for is shifted because of where we live.


5th – 3-5 minutes: 

Focus the next 3-5 minutes on a prayer for your family and friends.  Spend this time focusing your energy on wishing your love, happiness, prayers, energy on to others.  Will Smith once said “If you are not helping someone else, you are wasting your time.”  One of my blog posts is about creating an”Impossible List” and one of my items listed on the impossible list is to make sure that everyday I make someone else’s life better.   These 3-5 minutes are a great way to set your mind and soul in a place of serving others, even if it is in prayer.

Last – 3-5 Minutes: 

Take the last 3-5 minutes and focus on the things you want to accomplish in life.  I focus on not only the things I want, but I try and get detailed about what I have to do to get there.  What does the journey look like? What will it be like once I accomplish these things?   Focusing our energy on our goals and strategy allows us to visualize that we have it and it allows our soul and energy to take us to places where we can not only see ourself having these accomplishments, but the way we are going to accomplish them.


If you do this for 10 – 20 minutes every day – you will be on your way to “Priming” your day and setting the tone for the journey ahead.  The Chase of our passion is never easy.  If it was easy, everyone would have everything that they have ever wanted.  The Chase is down right hard, sometimes feeling impossible, and we need to learn to gain every advantage we can to ensure that we continue the chase.

We might slow down, but we will never stop.   So make sure that you take 10-20 minutes out of your day, Prime your day, and continue your Chase! 

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