Build Your Impossible List Today!

Build Your Impossible List Today!

As I often do, I was searching on Google for inspiring stories of others who have chased down their passion in life and those who are currently on their journey of pursuing what they love most.  While I was researching, I came across the title for an article written in 2010 by Joel Runyon, called  “My Impossible List.”  Out of curiosity I had to click on the article, and man I was happy that I did!

I have often heard the term “Bucket List” and I immediately think of a list someone who is older or dying creates as a dying testament of all the things they want to do before they kick the bucket.  I also think of the 2007 Comedy starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (two of my favorite actors).




I immediately thought, “An Impossible List is the same thing as a Bucket List”. As I continued to read, I started to see the difference between the two that made me immediately think about my own IMPOSSIBLE LIST. 


What is an Impossible List? 

I believe that often in life we settle and take the easiest path.  We avoid things that seem difficult or impossible and we take the road of least resistance.  Will Smith once said in an interview that thinking something is impossible is only putting a lid on our potential, and to be truly great we must believe that we can do the impossible.  There have been so many things in life that have defined our world that were created or developed because someone had a vision that others thought was “impossible.”

As Joel Runyon stated, “I used to settle for the possible things in Life. The sure thing. It was realistic, safe, and boring as hell.  I decided I needed a challenge.”  The Impossible List is that challenge.


Everyone’s Impossible List should be unique and different.  This list should include things that you personally have never tried or chased down because it seemed “impossible.”   For one person an impossible item might be to bench press 300 lbs.  There is probably somebody reading this saying, “300, I could do that 25 times as a warm-up”, but to someone else this might seem like an impossible task and something they never imagined they could do.  So again, don’t create this list around Impossible ideas/tasks that have never, ever, been done. If you want you can include some of those, but instead this list should be things you have always wanted to do but you always took the easy road for some reason, often because they seemed Impossible or far-fetched.


I am going to make my Impossible List public. This puts even more pressure on me, but it is also going to give me the push I need to make some of these “Impossible” tasks possible.   As I continue to mature and develop, this list should alter and grow.  I believe that this list should be ever changing and evolving.  As we accomplish one goal, we add another, or two.  This should be a living and breathing document that we look at every day to motivate us and ensure us that we always remember that Nothing is Impossible. 


So without further ado, I present to you MY IMPOSSIBLE LIST: 


Create School of Ball and Sell it

Create Pathwayze and sell it

Create Story Box and sell it

Create Ace in 1 and sell it

Create World of Ball and run it forever

Put $500,000 in the bank.

Give $100,000 away to charity.

Create and sell a million dollar company.

Speak at a Fortune 50 Company

Publish a real physical book.

Start a successful blog:

1,000 Subscribers

10,000 Subscribers

25,000 Subscribers

50,000 Subscribers

Start a successful following on Instagram:








Write a book about depression/anxiety

Speak to Pro and College Teams about my story



Visit Every Continent (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa (except Antarctica).

Travel to all 50 states

Own a home on the Beach

Own a 2nd home in Chicago

Do A Cross Country Road Trip And Make a Film About It

Do A Cross country Road Trip and Write a book about it

Do a cross country Road trip and create a blog about it

Visit 10 countries ; 20 countries ; 40 countries ; 60 countries

Go to the airport and buy a ticket without knowing where I am going


Events To Attend:

Running of the Bulls

Mardi Gras

Attend 50 different Music Concerts/Festivals


Adrenaline Rushes

Go Skydiving

Go Bungee Jumping

Go Paragliding

Go Parasailing

Learn to Surf

Scuba diving.

Climb a Volcano

White Water Rafting

Hike Grand Canyon

Go Zorbing

Ride a Bull

Drive a Race Car



Run a 5k

Run a 10k

Run a Half Marathon

Play in Men’s League Again and win the League

Play in a tennis League

Shoot a 79 in Golf

Bike 20 miles

Bike 40 miles

Get a six-pack and do a photo shoot to celebrate

100 consecutive pushups

200 consecutive pushups

Be advanced in Yoga

Run Tough Mudder

Play racquetball with someone unique



Change 1 person’s life for the better every week

Learn to play guitar

Marry the Love of my life –KK

Buy KK a 10-carat diamond ring for our 30-year wedding anniversary

Be an Extra in a movie

Get something named after me

Re-open Malta High School


Renaissance Man/Miscellaneous

Create a video that goes viral

Create a viral following – like water challenge


As you read through my list, I hope I have spurred some internal conversations in your mind on what you would include in your own personal Impossible List.  Sit down at the computer, write in a journal, or even write on a napkin and start to plot your Impossible List. Be ready for the adventures that will present themselves along your journey.


“The IMPOSSIBLE is often the untried,”   – Jim Goodwin


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