Being open-minded & how it led to my love for “The Bachelor”

Being open-minded & how it led to my love for “The Bachelor”


            willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.


As you can imagine, I was not that thrilled about the idea of spending Monday nights in front of the TV watching other peoples’ drama unfold.   I decided to open my mind by “dipping my toe in the sand,” and one Monday night I told her that I was willing to not watch my ball game until late night and she could turn on “her shows.”  I can honestly, and somewhat embarrassingly say,  that I am now addicted to “my shows.”


Here was my 5 steps to watching reality tv:


Stage 1: “Hell No!  I don’t want to watch that show.”

Stage 2: “Ok…….you can put on your shows and I will just sit on my computer and do work”

Stage 3: While peaking over my computer screen:  “Who is that?  Why did he do that to her?  That was just plain mean?  That guy is a tool box?”

Stage 4:  “That Farrah is the meanest person to everyone, they should get rid of her on this show, remember last week when she did xyz.”  (As I started breaking down the show and characters to Kristina).

Stage 5: “Yes, It is Monday lets watch our shows.”


So I know I will lose my man card for this one, but I love my Monday nights:

  • Hanging with my best friend
  • Eating a delicious dinner
  • Sipping on some white wine
  • and most importantly (sorry Kristina) hours of reality television



Without my willingness to open my mind and heart to something I assumed I didn’t like, I never would have found my guilt pleasure (remembering assuming will make an ass of you and me). I know this has been a silly post and finding ones love for reality tv is not life changing.  My realization that it is fun to watch 30 women fight over one man (aka my life in college..ha ha jk) is not going to impact the world.  I do however believe that this is a classic example of closing off our minds to something we previously  dismissed without any evidence.  Something we love or enjoy might be right in front of our eyes, but we are not willing to give it a chance.  Our passion/calling is potentially calling our name, but we are either scared, embarrassed, or just closed off from trying something “we know we don’t like.”    To that, let my love for reality tv be evidence that something “we hate” can be something “we love” if we work on an important character trait: Becoming more open-minded.


So what is that thing you always say you don’t like, but you know in your heart you have never given it a chance?


I say……… ….Open up your mind, give it a chance, and who knows maybe you will find your “Bachelor in Paradise.”  Sorry that was a really bad reference and just goes to show how much I love reality tv.



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