XO Effect

Chase My Passion believes in the power of spreading love and kindness. One way to do this is to simply send a message to someone telling them that you love them, you are proud of them, that you admire them, that they are special, etc.

We call this the XO Effect.  Chase My Passion spreads the love in two ways to our followers:

1. Everyday we send someone a private message on Instagram or Facebook to spread loving energy. We then ask them to “Pay It Forward,” and send someone else a message.

2. Once a week we will be posting a picture and a message to spread love to one of our followers. We will use the hashtag #XOEFFECT. We challenge all of you to do the same: once a week to post a picture for someone you care about or even someone you have never met to spread the love and hashtag the picture #XOEFFECT.



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