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Everyone has a story! No matter how big or small you think your story is, it can have a huge impact on someone else.  Will Smith once said that “Reading is the key to life” – Not just reading to learn, but he stated “there is not one thing that you could be going through in life that someone else hasn’t already gone through and written a book about.”  In today’s technology age this is not only limited to books, but social media, audio, video, and BLOGS!  Our goal is to become a hub for people to share their stories to help inspire others.   How do we do this?

1. Share your Story here: Share Your Story

2. Pick a Title that is relevant to your story-

  • Examples: overcoming cancer, my battle with drugs, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative with the title, just make sure people will have an idea of the subject

3.  Drag a Picture or Video into the media box.

  • The Picture or Video will show up on the Blog box on the homepage, so please add something
  • No Nudity or other inappropriate images please

4. Blog your content

  • Write as much or as little as you would like
  • Add Links when appropriate (insert/edit link button)
  • Once again, be as creative as you would like

5. Tag your story with keywords

6.  Choose a Drop Down button from the category section – another way to identify the topic for the readers

7. Save draft

8. Be ready to inspire!



1. Share Some Inspiration

  • Share a cool ,Article, Story, Video, Picture to help motivate and inspire someone
  • This could be as simple as a link to an online newspaper article

2. Share a story, life lesson, an experience, or your journey:

  • Everyone has a story, no matter how big or small you think it is. By sharing our stories, experiences, and life lessons we have learned through our journey, we can inspire and motivate someone else to believe and achieve. There is not one thing that someone can be going through that someone else hasn’t already gone through and conquered.

    Why not share our stories of success and our stories of failures, to help inspire a world that needs more inspiration today than ever before?
    Why not share lessons we have learned through life to give someone else an advantage to tackle the same challenges head on?
    Why not share our experiences to let others know that they are not alone and that others have dealt with the same types of adversity?

    Sharing our stories can be the most powerful thing we do for others. We might not all have money, we might not all have influence, but we all of our experiences that can give power and strength to millions. Don’t waste our gifts of learning and growing, share your story today!

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