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Everyone has a story! No matter how big or small you think your story is, it can have a huge impact on someone else.  Will Smith once said that “Reading is the key to life” – Not just reading to learn, but he stated “there is not one thing that you could be going through in life that someone else hasn’t already gone through and written a book about.”  In today’s technology age this is not only limited to books, but social media, audio, video, and BLOGS!

1. Share your Story here: Share Your Story

2. Pick a Title that is relevant to your story-

  • Examples: overcoming cancer, my battle with drugs, etc.

3.  Drag a Picture or Video into the media box.

  • The Picture or Video will show up on the Blog box on the homepage, so please add something
  • No Nudity or other inappropriate images please

4. Blog your content

  • Write as much or as little as you would like
  • Add Links when appropriate (insert/edit link button)
  • Once again, be as creative as you would like

5. Save draft

6. Be ready to inspire!

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