Share Your Story For A Chance To Win $100

Share Your Story For A Chance To Win $100

Share Your Story For A Chance To Win $100

  Will Smith once said “the key to life is reading, because there isn’t anything in this world that we could be going through that someone else hasn’t already gone through and written a book about.”     One of the major objectives for Chase My Passion is to create a community where people inspire and motivate others with their story.  Everyone in this world has a journey through life with many ups and downs and not one story/journey is more or less important than the other.  Through opening up and sharing our story, we have the opportunity to inspire and motivate hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions of people.  Even if we just helped one person, wouldn’t it be worth it?   Whether you think your story is big or small, your story can have a major impact on someone else.

Chase My Passion Story Telling Contest

  To Enter The Contest/Drawing in 4 easy steps: 

  1. All you need to do is go to –
    1. On home page click the red button that says “Share Your Story Here”  or
    2. click the link at the top of the page that says “Share Your Story” 
  2. Share Your Story (doesn’t matter how long it is): “share from your heart”
    1. You can add video and pictures if you would like to add to the story
  3. Subscribe to the Blog:
    1. You can subscribe via pop up box, on the sidebars on pages, or via the form on top of the website.
  4. Like and Follow one or both:
    1. Chase My Passion Facebook:  ( Username: chasemypassion )
    2. Chase My Passion Instagram   ( Username: @chasemypassion_2017 )
    3. If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram you can email me at

  That is all you need to do: Share your story and follow on social media.  On August 7th we will be drawing a name/story randomly and the winner will win $100 (We can deposit via Venmo, Paypal,  or even a gift card).  Don’t forget to share your story on our site and then share via social media to inspire others.  

Submit Your Story Before August 7th for a Chance to Win


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