Laid Off From the Rat Race

Laid Off From the Rat Race

A year ago I was laid off from my desk job, it was my final push to never work for someone else again. Already having started a small rental car fleet to help me support the purchase of my dream car I took that and created a rental car company that is currently expanding and now providing for my family.The things I have learned and the system I have developed I am finally at a point where I can teach others to take steps to make small improvements to make big changes in the way they live.

As a kid growing up with a father who was a race car driver, grandpa was a master mechanic and weekends were filled with car shows I was born into a family with oil in our veins. Cars were truly a passion and all I ever wanted to surround myself with. I got educated and worked my way up in the engineering field to help support my car addiction. I always was able to earn the cars I wanted and now with this change of events my passion now supports my lifestyle.

Lessons I have learned over the last year are the smallest adjustments in your life if made every day have the biggest impact on you, bad things happen but later might be a blessing in disguise and people want to help you out if you just let them know you need help.

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