Hustle never stops

Hustle never stops

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  • When we were small, we have been taught to be “SAFE”, right. Don’t go there it is not safe, don’t do this it’s not safe and knowingly or unknowingly we start living the safe life. The safe life include some good marks, a college degree, a 9-5 job, salary of half a million annually. A happy family and a happy ending.AT ANY TIME IN YOUR LIFE YOU CAN DECIDE HOW YOUR STORY GONNA END.A safe life looks good but it sucks, you just madly follow the crowd because you are too afraid to stand out.


  • You have heard the story about that baby eagle right, one day a egg of an eagle came rolling in the nest of a chicken and when it came out the baby eagle thought it was a chicken and it behave as one, one day that baby eagle saw a eagle flying in the sky, baby chicken asked her mother, “What is that?”. The mother chicken reply, “That is an eagle, they are one of the strongest birds and you can never be like them”. Sadly the baby eagle never gave a second thought about the eagle story and lived and died like a chicken. “HE WAS BORN TO WIN BUT CONDITIONED TO LOSE”.


  • If you care about your failures or what people will think, you have already lose the half battle, live like a king and work like you are broke. I don’t believe that there is a child inside each one of us but I am sure there is a beast inside each one of us, who just need a wakeup call and you, will achieve your goals.We all have heard stories of mark zukerberg and bill gates and how they dropped out of “HARVARD” and end up being legend. How Steve jobs dropped out of his local college and end up being a billionaire. The common thing between all the leaders that are out there in the world is that, they were living a “Safe Life” but safe life never made legends. You need to step out of your comfort zone and you need to do thing that you love rather than working 9-5 for something that you hate.


  • Jack Paul the millennium star of Hollywood said, “I trusted myself when no one else did”. Ryan holiday the author of 4 bestselling novels said,” people who were supposed to believe in me didn’t but I kept hustle on.”. Satya twena a female who owns the biggest hat company in New York City said, “Everybody called me crazy when I started this job but when I look back all those things make me smile.”You know the success story and the story of failures and only difference between those people and you is hardwork, mindset and how you take your hustle seriously. You gonna face failures, you gonna fall ample of time but you should be passionate about the thing you are doing because if not, you will quit not today, not tomorrow but soon you will quit.People don’t care where you came from what you do or how many times you fail, if you can’t be successful no one will give a fuck about who you are and the first thing you should learn while hustling is to do things for yourself and don’t give a fuck about the people you hate.You are been fucking motivated and now it is time to execute it, keep the hustle game on


  • Peace-MIT SAGAR

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