How To Create a Dynamic Morning Routine

How To Create a Dynamic Morning Routine

How to Create a Dynamic Morning Routine


How we start our day can have a massive impact on the energy we transmit to the universe.  If we fill our body with jelly donuts and our mind with junk T.V., fearful news, and the rabbit hole that is email; we will most likely start the day behind the curve of productivity.  It is vital to start our day with positive, inspired, and motivated actions that will set up our day for success.


So…… do you create a morning routine that will create the energy needed to attack the day with bold action and loving energy?  Well, I am glad you asked (amazing question)! It is my strong belief that every person is different and because of our individuality, it is important that you develop a morning routine that works for the most important person in your life YOU!  (I know some of you were thinking about your beloved dog when that question was proposed and while dogs are angels sent by God, you are still the most important person in your life.  Simply stated, your routine has to work for you.  What works for one person could be great, but it might not fit with your energy, your soul, and your purpose.


I believe there are 4 simple steps that we all must take during the process of creating a dynamic morning routine.


  1. Ask yourself thought proving questions.
  • What actions can I take in the morning to help create powerful energy that will catapult me to perform at a higher level?
  • Does this action serve me and my purpose?
  • What actions can I take to create a positive mindset?
  • What actions can I take to create a physical vibrancy that will give me an edge in chasing down my dreams today?
  • What actions can I take to help me emotionally prepare for the roller coaster the day often brings?


  1. Open your mind and try new things in search of reaching a higher level.
  • As humans, we often learn through taking action.  I believe that taking action and creating experiences is a major key to developing a finer tuned self-awareness. Through this self-awareness we can learn more about our strengths, weaknesses, passions, and fears.  To develop a kick-butt routine (I have such a potty mouth, well that is what my daughter would say), it is imperative that we explore and try new things, develop an increased self-awareness about what makes us tick, and identify the actions that will give us the most powerful boost to take on this amazing world.  We don’t even understand our own limitations and even the smallest improvements can have profound impact along our journey.


  1. Be consistent with your routine
  • Consistency is a major key in taking actions and developing them into a productive habit.  One of my favorite coaches, Brendon Burchard, proclaims “no consistency, no change.”  To realize the real benefits of our morning routine, we must stay consistent with our actions.


  1. Make adjustments as needed.
  • This step in the process requires an additional level of awareness.  We need to quickly identify if the action is really serving our best self or if it is just an action item to check the box and tell the world that we have this amazing routine.  Really dig in and evaluate your routine, identify what is working and what is not, and analyze how you can continue to level up and take your routine to the next level.  Often this self-awareness will lead us to make changes or tinker with the process in an attempt to increase the value the morning routine provides.


I have had several morning routines through the years and these have changed through time as my journey and my purpose have shifted.  My morning routine as a professional athlete was quite different than my morning routine as an entrepreneur.  Remember that our daily routine should serve us and as our journey takes a different course, our morning routine often will take a different form.


As an example, here is my current daily routine. (If you ask me in 6 months, I am sure this routine will have transcended to another level).

  1. Wake up at 6:30am
  2. Take my Thyroid Medicine (I can’t eat for an hour after taking my pill)
  3. Chug 16oz of water
  4. Brush my teeth
  5. Wash my face
  6. Exercise (30 minutes)
  7. Meditation (10 minutes)
  8. Look through my “Why Book” (goals for the day/week)
  9. Look through my schedule for the day
  10. Check Emails
  11. Breakfast


This entire routine takes me around 60 minutes – 75 minutes and it provides me with an amazing flow into my first client of the day at 8am.   As you can tell my schedule and needs will be quite different than yours, so don’t take my morning routine and simply incorporate it into your life.  Instead follow the 4-step process highlighted above and develop your own dynamic routine that serves your goals, dreams, aspirations, and purpose.

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