30 Day Challenge: Love

30 Day Challenge: Love


  1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
    “babies fill parents with intense feelings of love”
  2.  a person or thing that one loves.

    “she was the love of his life

Love is such a powerful force. In fact, I would argue that Love is the most powerful force in the entire universe (Even more powerful than Lebron James driving to the rim for a monster dunk — –yeah that powerful).
Yesterday I had finished a workout with a basketball player that I train and I decided to lift some weights after.   As I was lifting, what felt like was a crazy heavy weight,  I look around the gym and see another guy lifting about two times as much.  After noticing this, my mind quickly entered a fearful state filled with negative emotions:  You are overweight, you are weak, that guy is stronger, is that a double chin I see, etc.  As soon as that feeling started to enter my brain I could feel my energy start to dip and my confidence started to waiver.  It wasn’t 5 minutes later that my phone buzzes in my pocket (proper gym etiquette to not have your ringer on, I follow the rules).   I look at my phone (not proper gym etiquette, yeah I can be a rule breaker too) and I see a text from a very special person in my life.  The text was very simple yet powerful:
“I love you so much.” 
As soon as I read the text my emotions, my thoughts, my entire energy shifted.  This is how powerful LOVE is.  Just the simple words of saying I LOVE YOU to someone can impact how a person feels, what actions a person takes, and the events that will take place next in a persons life.  Love can come in so many forms:
  • Love can be a hug
  • Love can be a text message
  • Love can be a phone call
  • Love can be a kiss
  • Love can be praying for someone
  • Love can be telling someone you are thinking about them


Love can be so many things and yet it is a powerful energy that we don’t practice enough in our life.  I challenge all of you to tell someone you care about how much you Love them today.  Watch, listen, feel how your loving energy can impact their soul.  If you feel really adventurous, share your love with someone you don’t even know (cough…cough….get your mind out of the gutter).  Tell someone you don’t know how much you like their hair, their outfit, do something loving for someone in need, tell someone you don’t know that you can feel that they have a special energy.


Spread your love and change the energy in your life and impact the energy of the Universe.

 Read more about the 30 day challenge: “What is my 30 day challenge.” 


30 Character Traits (in no particular order): 

  1. Fearlessness
  2. Compassion
  3. Courage
  4. Love
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Giving
  7. Unselfishness
  8. Kindness
  9. Trusting
  10. Appreciation
  11. Self- discipline
  12. Perseverance
  13. Ambitious
  14. Grateful
  15. Creative
  16. Intellectual
  17. Generous
  18. Cultured
  19. Optimistic
  20. Romantic
  21. Sociable
  22. Humble
  23. Adventurous
  24. Hopeful
  25. Confident
  26. Positive
  27. Loyal
  28. Honest / Transparent
  29. Open minded
  30. Dependable

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